Why is my neighborhood not included?

In this on-demand technology pilot, the federal grant provided funding for just one Zunga Bus vehicle. One vehicle is not enough to cover the entire community. However, we will use the results of the Zunga Bus pilot to explore an on-demand service for the entire community in the future.

In the first phase of the pilot, Zunga Bus will only service Westview area. In the next phases, Zunga Bus will start accepting wheelchair passengers and, if capacity allows, add stops beyond Westview.

Thank you for staying nimble with us as we test this new on-demand service!

What if I don't have a smartphone?

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can call (1-833-951-3869) to book your ride. Fare is paid by credit card via phone. No cash is accepted on the bus.

Is the service wheelchair accessible?

Wheelchair service will be added in the later phase of the pilot. Please check the website for updates. Thank you for staying nimble with us as we test this new on-demand service!

How do I pay?

Payments are collected electronically through the Zunga Bus app. No cash is accepted on the bus.

Does the Zunga Bus go to Saltery Bay?

No. The on-demand Zunga Bus pilot runs only within the City of Powell River boundary.

However, we are very much aware of the community’s need for a bus service to Vancouver. The City is working with BC Transit and the regional district on establishing a bus service to the Lower Mainland.

What if I don't have a credit card?

If you don’t have a credit card, you can get a prepaid VISA at Canada Post:

Many banks offer prepaid credit cards as well.

Is Zunga a ride-hailing service?

Unlike a ride-hailing service, Zunga Bus pools riders to maximize efficiency. This way, it operates like a bus but the route is not fixed – it is made in real-time based on rider requests. A computer algorithm processes the requests and creates the most efficient route to get everyone to their destination.

Can I ride with a pet?

Certified assistance animals are allowed on Zunga Bus. You can also transport small fur-bearing or feathered pets contained in a secure carrier. You must be able to fit the carrier on your lap.

Is passenger assistance available?

No. Much like the fixed route bus, all passengers are expected to be able to board the vehicle and deboard  themselves without assistance from the driver. Operators will only exit the vehicle to ensure wheelchairs are safely secured.

Are there seat belts?

Yes, Zunga Bus is equipped with seat belts and it is required that all passengers wear them while on board.

Small children must be secured with a proper car seat. See https://zungabus.ca/child-seats/ for more information.

Can I take Zunga Bus to school instead of school bus?

No, Zunga Bus is a small bus and does not replace school buses. Zunga Bus is a great way to get to after-school activities, your part-time job or occasional appointment.

Do kids ride for free?

Kids under 4 ride the bus for free. Note that small children must be properly secured (in the same way as in a personal vehicle). See zungabus.ca/child-seats/ for more information.