Zunga Bus On-Demand Pilot


Zunga Bus is a new pilot on-demand transit service operated by the City of Powell River. It’s open to anyone and offers fast, fun, easy travel.

Service is available 7 days per week, 11AM – 6:30PM, $2.25/ride*

*service will pause from 2:30PM-3PM (driver break)

Service Details

In phase one of the pilot, Zunga Bus will only service Westview area (see map). Bookings are via the Zunga Bus app or by phone at 1-833-951-3869. Payment is currently by credit card only but a cash farebox will be added soon.

Zunga Bus offers door-to-door service in most of its service area. In special areas like Willingdon and Marine Avenue, it uses designated stops. If you are catching your ride in a special area, the app will direct you to walk to the closest designated stop.

Please check the website for the latest pilot service updates. Thank you for staying nimble with us as we pilot this new on-demand technology!

Zunga Bus Fares

$2.25 PER RIDE

10 TICKETS   –   $20

20 TICKETS   –   $35

Fare is paid through the app. No cash is accepted on the bus.

Riding the Zunga is Easy

Schedule a ride with the tap of a button

Booking is easy with the Zunga Bus Android or iPhone apps. Download the app and follow the in-app prompts.

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can book by calling an agent at (1-833-951-3869).

Book instantly or pre-book your ride anytime on the same day or the day before.

Get picked up where you want

You will be given arrival estimates and alerts before the bus arrives. You can track the bus on the map in real-time.

Share your ride with others heading the same way

Zunga Bus is a shared service. Other passengers may be picked up or dropped off. Don’t worry though, you will still get to your destination on time!